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Himalaya Crystal Salt

Himalaya Crystal Salt

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With the continual and unrelenting outpour of energy from the sun, the pristine primal oceans of our planets distant past were slowly evaporated, leaving behind the vast energy potential of the sun locked within the original salt. Then, surrendering to Natures creative impulse, the salt was overcome by the heaving earth as the Himalayan Mountains vaulted to the heavens. Subjected to tremendous pressure, forces beyond imagination, as the mountains heaved and swayed, the salt fused together into veins of pure, diamond-like crystal.

Since time immoral, the salt remained untouched . . . until now. Recent biophysical research with the salt contained in this box, coming from an exclusive source in the Himalayan Mountains, reveals that hidden within the geometrically perfect crystals of salt were ionized trace minerals essential to sustaining human life. This salt is virtually an Ocean of Energy!

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has been the subject of a comprehensive double-blind, placebo, clinical study, the results of which demonstrated that this salt can have positive impact on a myriad of bodily functions.

The salt is hand-packaged in a 100% cotton cloth bag, essential for maintaining its truly precious, bio-energetic and holistic properties.

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